How to discover sink nodes in a graph

We all understand graphs or networks are composed of nodes and edges. Some of these nodes can exist in a directed or undirected structure. In a directed graph, their edges can be either incoming or outgoing from a given node. A sink refers to a node in a directed graph with no outgoing edges. Simply, you can view a sink as someone who receives a lot but never chooses to give. Or, is obsessed with hoarding.

In a social network, a sink or from a friendship node will be poor in passing on important information to the group. On the other hand, they might be great at keeping secrets and avoiding allowing things to slip up. A sink could either be local or global. Local sinks are also referred to as a terminal and are directed graphs with no departing edge. A global sink is usually viewed as a sink and is a node that is reached by all the nodes in a given directed graph. 

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